Integrated Recovery Groups

At Kolpia we believe, and research supports, that there are many ways to healing. Drawing upon the growing research behind methods that help heal mind, emotions, body, and spirit, we include integrative modalities such as Mind&Body Movement, Art Therapy, and Native American Perspectives/Drumming. Each of these groups are co-facilitated by qualified instructors and certified alcohol and drug counselors.

Art Therapy Group

This is an expressive group. The art therapy process allows people to create new realities, practice new ideas, and symbolically heal emotional wounds from the past and present. These are certainly issues that often contribute to substance abuse. The art therapy groups at Kolpia maintains a culture of hard work and good humor in the… Read More

Mind&Body Group

Provides mindfulness and other mind-body practices for addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma and chronic pain. This class teaches relapse prevention tools and practices for calming and energizing without the use of substances. Participants experience reconnecting with their inner peace and wisdom as well as releasing their physical and emotional pain and suffering. This group is based… Read More