Welcome to Kolpia Counseling Service

Kolpia is a state licensed out-patient counseling center providing treatment for substance use disorders.

 We offer mental health counseling by a licensed provider for individuals in need of support.


Kolpia offers a client-center integrated approach to care.

At the core of integrative recovery is the concept that the human condition is complex and that healing comes in different ways, often most effective with combined approaches. Working with the growing research that supports methods of healing mind, body, and spirit that compliments traditional counseling, Kolpia offers Integrated Recovery Groups that include yoga, mindfulness, art, movement and spiritual perspectives. We believe each person has within them an innate drive towards health. We seek to support each person in their recovery process by providing an environment, activities and therapies that are engaging, pleasant, challenging and effective.

Kolpia offers a welcoming and personalized approach to treatment services.

We have a lovely facility offering a beautiful plant atrium at it’s center. We have competent certified staff and a fully committed team who work hard each day serving our patients and helping to address the complex difficulties, struggles and suffering that substance abuse, addiction and mental afflictions have upon individuals, families and communities.

A client-centered approach means we provide acceptance, support and kindness in all of our approaches.

We strongly believe that each challenge is a potent opportunity for growth and that no one experience or affliction should define who we are as a person.  Each day, we face difficult challenges and grow from them, and we are inspired by the challenges that our clients overcome during their time here with us.

All of Kolpia Counseling services are provided with a high degree of confidentiality in a compassionate learning environment.

Our email is:  info@kolpiacounseling.com