Mind&Body Group

Provides mindfulness and other mind-body practices for addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma and chronic pain. This class teaches relapse prevention tools and practices for calming and energizing without the use of substances. Participants experience reconnecting with their inner peace and wisdom as well as releasing their physical and emotional pain and suffering. This group is based on a unique self-help program that weaves together recovery themes with Mind/Body practices such as Deep Breathing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Deep Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Yoga, Qi-Gong and more. Participants learn tools that focus the mind, calm the emotions and rejuvenate the body. The program provides the building blocks for developing a personal practice of daily self-care and nurturing on an ongoing basis. Each class focuses on a specific theme and includes practices that deepen the understanding of that theme. The themes covered in the twelve week program are:

  • Caring for Self: Engaging Regularly in Mind/Body Practices for Wellness
  • Awakening Awareness: Living in the Present Moment
  • Cultivating Trust and Acceptance: Welcoming Life
  • Living in Balance: Discovering Patience and Calmness while Reducing Stress
  • Practicing Integrity and Honesty: Non-Harming of Self and Others
  • Allowing Forgiveness: Letting Go of the Past
  • Experiencing Natural Self Love: Nurturing Ourselves and Others
  • Setting Intention: Sowing the Seeds of Self Empowerment
  • Observing Our Thoughts: The Key to Transforming Feelings
  • Cultivating a Life of Meaning: Discovering our Unique Abilities
  • Remembering Our True Nature: Letting Go of False Ideas about Ourselves
  • Cultivating Gratitude: Creating Harmony with Ourselves and Other