Our Team


Cynthia Levesque, MS, QMHP, NCC

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Chris Redtfeldtimg_1931
Reception & Office Manager

I have been our office manager/receptionist since January, 2014. I was born and raised in England and attended college in Colorado.  I am an avid runner and participate in many of the local races in the community. When I am not meeting and greeting our clients here, you can probably find me running on the trails above Ashland.


Paul Murray, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Supervisor

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Larry Silverman, BS, CADC II
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Family Program Counselor

Working for eight years as a counselor in the Alcohol and Drug field has img_1954been a challenging, enlightening, and rewarding experience. I completed an internship and worked for seven years at Serenity Lane Treatment Services in Eugene and Portland, OR. During that time, I’ve had opportunity to fill most every position that the treatment process entails, and have come to strongly believe in the power of group therapy to enact meaningful and lasting positive change. My personal counseling style combines many counseling modalities, but has an emphasis on Motivational Interviewing, Rogerian Person-Centered Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I believe that the most effective care combines elements of kindness, caring, directness, and honesty.

While working in aftercare groups in Portland, I surprisingly found what has become my passion in A&D counseling – involving family members and supporters in the treatment process, and encouraging them to work a family recovery program and find healing for themselves. By the time an addict or alcoholic is willing to seek professional help, it’s become clear that family members have gone done their own road of pain, fear, confusion, and unhealthy choices. We at Kolpia have created a Family Program that through education, group discussions, and workshops – illuminates how the disease of addiction operates within the family system, and then we teach the skills needed to begin repairing the damage, so that healing can occur. The Family Program curriculum includes: The Disease Concept of Addiction, Relapse Prevention, Communication, Codependency, Family Systems, and many other pertinent topics.

As a recovering addict, I know what it’s like to be a cyclone tearing through our own life, and the lives of the people that we love. I’m very grateful for the chance to return to the Rogue Valley, not only to be closer to my daughter and grandsons, but to be an agent of healing. I attended SOSC (now SOU) for many years and received a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in 1992. I hold a CADC II certification and have great belief in the effectiveness of substance use disorder treatment. I look forward to working with anyone who may have an alcohol or drug problem – and their families as well.

Adrienne Tauses, MSW, LCSW, CADC II        
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Counselor             

“Trust the Process” is a powerful saying when it comes to building a therapeutic relationship with someone through their struggles towards growth and healing. This has served as a mantra throughout my career.image1-1

In my clinical practice I work to create a foundation of safety, comfort, and empathy while working with those struggling with emotional health, interpersonal challenges, grief and loss, and substance use.  My passion of alternative modalities of healing and experiential therapy led me to my past work as a Wilderness Therapist, taking troubled adolescents into the back country to focus on self-reflection, grief, relationship struggles, and substance use. After my fieldwork, I worked in a variety of settings including crisis management, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, inpatient medical units, and outpatient counseling in a cancer center.  Working with people at the end of their life only enhanced my focus and value placed on being present with my clients. I truly believe that everyone, regardless of his or her current struggle, deserves to have a voice, and to be heard in a safe environment.  I am often inspired by resilience and inner strength that comes with those working to be their better self and approach barriers while asking for help, guidance, and support; truly a courageous effort.

I work from a strengths perspective and client-centered base. I often utilize mindfulness, narrative therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, CBT, and experiential modalities throughout the therapeutic relationship.  Working in a holistic healing model is important to me as I attempt to help people re-establish their sense of self, find emotional regulation, look at various systems that impact the current struggle, assess client value systems, and work with my clients towards their view of comfort and personal goals.

I enjoy being a part of the Kolpia Counseling team, notably taking part in their valued integrated approach to growth and healing.

Matt Locklin, A.A, CADC I                                                                            

Through a wide range of life experiences; from construction, extensive world travel, and raising my children as a single father, I have found a career that fits with img_1944my heart and nourishes my soul. In my late thirties, I returned to school with the thought of social work and found a career in substance abuse counseling. Working as an alcohol and drug counselor offers me a direct way to help those suffering. I strive to offer compassionate and respectful care to those struggling with compulsive use and the shame it brings. I work to help those who may have lost the ability to believe in themselves and to offer hope and guidance.  Being witness to the rebuilding of a life is gift I meet with deep gratitude.