Medical Director

Rod Birney, MD

Dr. Rod Birney is a psychiatrist specializing in-depth psychotherapy. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the relationship between contemplative practice, neuroscience, quantum physics and depth psychology.

Rod has been actively engaged in his own inner work for over 30 years. He continues to study modern psychology and ancient systems of wisdom. In our increasingly soulless world, he recognizes the importance of connecting with our depths to find meaning and purpose in our lives. He offers psychotherapy and SoulWork (spiritual psychology) sessions.

Due to childhood asthma, he has pursued a lifelong interest in mind-body medicine, alternative therapies, and meditation. He graduated from George Washington University Medical School in 1985 and completed his psychiatry residency in 1989. While in his residency he completed 2 years of training with the Gestalt Institute of Phoenix, Arizona and 3 years in psychodynamic training with Ed Muller Ph.D.

From 1992 – 2001 he trained with the Institute of Self Recognition, a powerful integration of depth psychology and spiritual practice, and studied the Diamond Heart approach of AH Almaas.  In December of 2012, he completed a 3-year preceptorship in Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapy. He is a student and teacher on the Sufi path, the path of the heart, for over 20 years. Rod has presented lectures and workshops at numerous conferences including several times at Creativity & Madness.