Counselor and CADC Clinical Supervisor

Larry Silverman, BS, CADC II, QMHA

Working for over a decade as a counselor in the Alcohol and Drug field has been a challenging, enlightening, and rewarding experience. I completed an internship and worked for seven years at Serenity Lane Treatment Services in Eugene and Portland, OR. During that time, I’ve had an opportunity to fill almost every position that the treatment process entails, and have come to firmly believe in the power of group therapy to enact meaningful and lasting positive change. My personal counseling style combines many counseling modalities but has an emphasis on Motivational Interviewing, Rogerian Person-Centered Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I believe that the most effective care combines elements of kindness, caring, directness, and honesty.

While working in aftercare groups in Portland, I surprisingly found what has become my passion in A&D counseling – involving family members and supporters in the treatment process, and encouraging them to work a family recovery program and find healing for themselves. By the time someone struggling with substance use is willing to seek professional help, it’s become clear that family members have gone down their own road of pain, fear, confusion, and unhealthy choices. We at Kolpia have created a Family Program that through education, group discussions, and workshops – illuminates how the disease of addiction operates within the family system, and then we teach the skills needed to begin repairing the damage so that healing can occur. The Family Program curriculum includes The Disease Concept of Addiction, Relapse Prevention, Communication, Codependency, Family Systems, and many other pertinent topics.

As a person in recovery, I know what it’s like to be a cyclone tearing through our own life, and the lives of the people that we love. I’m very grateful for the chance to return to the Rogue Valley, not only to be closer to my daughter and grandsons but to be an agent of healing. I attended SOSC (now SOU) for many years and received a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in 1992. I hold CADC II and QMHA certifications and have great belief in the effectiveness of substance use disorder treatment. I look forward to working with anyone who may have an alcohol or drug problem – and their families as well.