Counselor Intern

Catherine Scholz, Pre-Master’s QMHP, CADC IT

Catherine is a mental health intern who plans to complete her master’s degree in counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in May, 2021. To her trauma and attachment-informed sessions she brings:

  • anxiety reduction practices such as breathing, grounding, mindfulness and visualization
  • expressive arts practices (music, visual, drama, movement/dance and literary/spoken word/poetry/songwriting)
  • narrative therapy practices to transform problem-saturated stories
  • guided imagery with music (GIM)

A native of the Milwaukee area, Catherine earned her bachelor’s degree in music therapy and music education from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She has worked with individuals and groups as a music therapist in a wide variety of settings from schools, residential treatment centers, summer camps, short and long-term care facilities as well as in private practice. She has also facilitated drum circles and dances of universal peace.

Catherine enjoys bringing playful curiosity to the process of re-connecting with inner and outer resources to co-create possibilities for healing and integration. She draws from the postmodern frameworks of liberation psychology and person-centered therapy. Some of her professional influences are Taiwo Afupe, Helen Bonny and Natalie Rogers.

At CIIS, she has studied with expressive arts pioneers such as Armand Volkas (drama therapy) and Patricia B. Allen (art therapy). Currently, she is being mentored by person-centered expressive arts therapist Anin Utigaard who studied with Natalie Rogers. Catherine has also been practicing loving-kindness meditation and non-violent communication (NVC) for over 20 years.

Recently, Catherine provided safety and stabilization practices to people going through mental health crises as a Crisis Peer Counselor. She has also been a substitute teacher, singer-songwriter, recording artist and front-end website developer. As a culturally humble therapist in training, she accepts clients of all ages, abilities, beliefs, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, immigration statuses, races and ethnicities at all stages of change.