Adrienne Tauses, MSW, LCSW, CADC II

“Trust the Process” is a powerful saying when it comes to building a therapeutic relationship with someone through their struggles towards growth and healing. This has served as a mantra throughout my career.

In my clinical practice, I work to create a foundation of safety, comfort, and empathy while working with those struggling with emotional health, interpersonal challenges, grief and loss, and substance use.  My passion of alternative modalities of healing and experiential therapy led me to my past work as a Wilderness Therapist, taking troubled adolescents into the backcountry to focus on self-reflection, grief, relationship struggles, and substance use. After my fieldwork, I worked in a variety of settings including crisis management, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, inpatient medical units, and outpatient counseling in a cancer center.  Working with people at the end of their life only enhanced my focus and value placed on being present with my clients. I genuinely believe that everyone, regardless of his or her current struggle, deserves to have a voice and to be heard in a safe environment.  I am often inspired by the resilience and inner strength that comes with those working to be their better self and approach barriers while asking for help, guidance, and support; indeed a courageous effort.

I work from a strengths perspective and client-centered base. I often utilize mindfulness, narrative therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, CBT, and experiential modalities throughout the therapeutic relationship.  Working in a holistic healing model is essential to me as I attempt to help people re-establish their sense of self, find an emotional regulation, look at various systems that impact the current struggle, assess client value systems, and work with my clients towards their view of comfort and personal goals.

I enjoy being a part of the Kolpia Counseling team, notably taking part in their valued integrated approach to growth and healing.