Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Policy

1.  OMMP card holders shall not be initially denied treatment due to the use of medical marijuana.

2.  The OMMP is a recommendation from a medical doctor and not a valid prescription due to the inconsistency and variability of dosing as well as insufficient clinical evidence as to the effectiveness for medical treatment.  Marijuana is considered a substance of abuse and it will be considered as such throughout the duration of treatment.

3.  Clients may not use medical marijuana while participating in mandated programs such as DUII, DUI Diversion, DUI Info Only, MIP, RDL and other mandated programs and referrals.

4.  Clients may not use OHP, Medicaid or Medicare to pay for mandated programs such as DUII, DUI diversion, MIP, RDL while also using medical marijuana.

5.  Clients enrolled in a voluntary substance abuse or dependence program while using medical marijuana will have as part of their program:

1.  Marijuana use and abuse education

2.  Marijuana use harm reduction

3.  Introduction and reinforcement of alternatives to marijuana

4.  Discussion about marijuana tapering.

5.  Assistance with marijuana tapering.

6.  Concurrent use of medical marijuana while at Kolpia.

1.  Clients shall be clinically monitored to determine if they are using marijuana as suggested by their provider and not abused.

2.  Urine THC levels shall be monitored to help in this determination.

3.  If the counselor and the counselor’s supervisor agree that marijuana usage is preventing progress in recovery a staff             determination can be made regarding that client’s continuation in a program or issuance of a certification of completion.

In summary:

If you are using OHP, medicare or medicaid to pay for a mandated program such as DUI, RDL, criminal justice referrals, etc you cannot use cannabis while at Kolpia regardless if you have an OMMP card, or the legalized status at the State level.

If you are seeking treatment for substance abuse or dependency, regardless if you have an OMMP card, the counselor will assess your patterns and methods of cannabis use, including urine drug screens, and may require that you cease using cannabis or participate in a tapering agreement in order to receive treatment at Kolpia.  Many factors will be considered especially if you are using cannabis or a cannabis extract as a substitute for long term opioid dependence and abuse.


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