Alcohol and Drug Education Group

This group educates individuals about substance abuse and teaches them what they need to learn to identify, avoid and eventually master regarding the specific internal states and external circumstances associated with substance abuse. Educational groups include information on drugs and alcohol, the dynamics of dependency and addiction, addiction and tolerance, physiological effects of drugs, disease concept, life areas affected by chemical abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention and implications.

  • “What is Addiction?” — explores the Disease Concept (includes progression based on Jellinek Chart, weaving in Bio-Psycho-Social aspects of addiction)
  • Denial & Addiction – thinking errors, defense mechanisms, the Triangle of Denial (based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)
  • Health Risks & Impact – physiological aspects of addiction (for all substances, excluding nicotine)
  • Stages of Change – describing the stages, self-identification within the stage, how Denial impacts ability to see progression
  • Relapse Cycle – relapse prevention based on Gorski’s 11 Steps to Relapse
  • PAWs (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) – signs, symptoms, and practice of healthy coping skills
  • Family Disease of Addiction – exploring family trees (genograms), predisposition, and/or family roles (based on Claudia Black’s work)
  • Codependency – 14 main characteristics, how enabling perpetuates the process, relationships dynamics as process addiction
  • HIV/Infectious Diseases – unprotected sex, needle sharing, and compromised boundary setting
  • Wellness & Nutrition – how to support healing/recovery by supporting our bodies, exercise (restoring endorphins), and nutrition (reducing cravings)
  • Co-Occurring Disorders – impact of trauma and other mental health challenges on recovery from chemical dependency
  • Mindfulness Practices – using Acceptance Commitment Therapy, DBT, and other skills to help cope with anxiety and other emotional stressors in early recovery
  • Building a Health Recovery Support System – providing overview of 12 Step program (history), Celebrate Recovery, Buddhist perspective on 12 Steps, and other Community Supports
  • Spirituality & Recovery – separating out religion, exploration of personal values as foundation for sobriety
  • Tobacco Cessation – education on health effects of nicotine addiction